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Jan 3 08 7:52 AM

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There hasn't been any Florida club talk for much too long!!! Any early predictions for the power league coming up January 12th in Orlando? Looking forward to some great volleyball this season.
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Jan 3 08 7:25 PM

power pools

Go to the link below to see the pools for the first power pools for the 16,17,18's next weekend.


Looking forward to a fun and exciting season. Any thoughts on how the Tampa teams have come together with the new alignment of United and Tampa Jrs. There is no 18 for Jrs so I would expect United to have the combined talent of the area and feild a strong team.

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Jan 6 08 10:18 AM

Power League

What do the team look like in Tampa?

Tampa Uniteds 14 National brings together five players that started out on last years 13-Black team from Tampa Bay and ended up winning the bid tournament to go to JOs. Add to those, two players that played up on Spurs 14-1 team last year and some strong new additions and you get the team that may finally give Gainesvilles 14s and run for their money. Maybe not at the beginning of the year, in Power League, but by the end of the season this team could make some noise. Hope to see both this team and Gainesville at JOs.

Tampa Bay fields a team of 14s that has a couple of players left from last years 13 Black JO team but they are combined with several players from their second team and a couple from the Sand Spurs. This team will need a bit of time to come together and show what they can do.

In 15s, Tampa Bay will have the team to beat in both Power League and the region. They lose outside Tina Catanach to Tampa United but have the all the rest of their core players returning from their 14 Black JO team of a year ago. They have added last years 14-1 Spurs setter Ginny Willis who will complement their team plus outside, Jordon Burgess from Fort Myers that is playing up a year and reportedly is a stud.

Tampa United 15s returns their core of last years successful 14-1 Spurs team with the exception of setter, Willis who is replaced by Lauren Andersen. Andersen set LAVA 16-1 team last year as a 14 year old. Andersen and Catanach will be good additions to this team.

For the 16s Tampa Bay will remain the favorites too, with eight of the ten players from last year and all the starters that won JOs in the National division last year. They have added middle Leah Jordan from Plant Highs championship team this fall.

Tampa United 16 National team will field a practically all new team from Spurs 15-1 team last year (only three players returning). This new team will have much to prove. It will be fun to see what these girls can do but it may take a few months to see how it will play out.

For 17s it will be difficult for Tampa Bay to make strides against last years JO Open team from OVA. Tampa Bay lost outsides Danielle Erb to Tampa United 18 Jeff and Madison Truluck to Pinellas Heat 17 Elite.

Tampa United 17s, like their 16s, will field a team of players that will be new to each other and many that are new to the club. Again it will take some time to see how they can pull together.

For 18s Tampa United fields two strong teams. 18 Jeff is made up of several of last years JOs runner up in the American division from Tampa Bay 17 Black; lead by Kellie Catanach and Krista Andersen. Add Dani Erb and a couple of strong Venice kids and this team will be fun to watch. It will be interesting to see how they stack up in the Power League against OVA and the rest.

18 Gary is made up of four players from last years18-1 Spurs players along with a couple moving up from last years 16-1 team. Add one each from Tampa Bays and Spurs 17-1 teams and there should be some good scrimmages in Tampa. These two 18s teams will each play one of the Power League days.

There is your report from Tampa on the Power League teams. How about some reports from elsewhere.

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Jan 6 08 7:18 PM

Re: Power League

Great job skyblue!! I have some info from Gainesville but not like your Tampa knowledge. I need to start by venting over the fact that Gainesville is now trying to field 4 yes four clubs this season. What a mess and what a shame for the talent pool. Fortunately, the big talent remains at Gainesville Juniors.

Yes, the 14's have returned most of the Big South Champions from last years 13s squad. They did lose their strong setter in Sydney Maynard, but the bulk of the team remains, and under the direction of Coach Reavis, should be very hard to beat.

Although I agree that Tampa Bays 16's is the team to beat, Gainesville will have a solid team under the direction of Coach Josh Crow. They field 3 from Buchholz's 6A state championship team.

Gainesville's 18s include 4 players from Buchholz and several other of the best 18s Gainesville has to offer including Oak Halls Robinson and Santa Fe's Leventhal.

Coach Davis' 15s will bring the intensity and will to win if not the talent. They are always fun to watch and shouldn't be hard to find in the gym.

I have very little knowledge of the 17s, so I will pass on that one.

Good Luck to all!!

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Jan 7 08 5:28 AM

Re: Power League


The Orlando area feels similar to your situation in Gainesville, with the formation of additional clubs. Last season saw a large division in the 14 year old --this year, the 18's are split. 4 contributing members of last season's OVA 17 Asics who won the PNQ and a trip to Open's at JO's have joined Inland Volleyball Club.

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Jan 13 08 2:48 AM

Re: First Power League Matchs

Limited Info, I was not in attendance:

OVA results:

18's: 1 - 2 in pool play
17's: undefeated thru day (Pinellas Heat took pool B, but lost to OVA in crossover)
16's: 2-0 at mid day report
15's: waiting for update

Looking forward to MLK tourney next weekend.

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