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Mar 31 10 7:00 AM

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Our team will be traveling to Baltimore tomorrow and need some places to eat and things to do, any ideas?   We will be staying at;                                                                                                                           Hampton Inn @ Camden Yards
550 Washington Boulevard 

No car so it will need to be within walking distance of the hotel. 
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Mar 31 10 7:04 AM

The Inner-Harbor area is just a few blocks from the convention center. It is beautiful, especially if it's warm and sunny. There are tons of shops and restaurants right there.

Baltimore is expensive, but it is enjoyable.

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Mar 31 10 7:34 AM

every place in the harbor will be packed!! so beware and know that a large group will be tough to find a place to seat....

Last year on Saturday night we walked around for 1 1/2 looking for a place to get in....we ended up at our hotel restaraunt around 10pm eating a burger.....

Cheesecake Factory is popular....ESPNzone, Hard Rock Cafe, One Pizza (i think) are all along the harbor.....there are lots of other options within a few blocks of the harbor....but beware of some shady parts of town about 3-4 blocks up behind the Renissance Hotel.....

Fell's Point is a short taxi ride and has a lot of small bars/restaraunts....like Green Turtle, etc....mostly a drinking destination by 10 or so but earlier it's not too bad....

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Mar 31 10 8:59 AM

little italy is not too far from the inner harbor--a walk, not a ride--and offered good food at significantly lower prices.

yes... assuming the question about chairs was legit and not a reference to the other string on the subject--you'll have to schlep your own chairs to and from the event.

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Mar 31 10 10:05 AM

We waited over an hour for a table of six at the Cheesecake Factory and it only got worse later on. Lots of places to eat - just plan on waiting. Our hotel is a bit of a walk to the CC but it's walking distance to Little Italy, Fells Point, and there's a Whole Foods right there (which turned out to be our best bet for two meals a day and snacks!)

At the convention center they had limited choices: burgers and fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, hot pretzels, chips, coffee, water at $3 a bottle, some Gatorade, salads, yogurt & fruit. I heard there is a Starbucks on the 3rd floor but didn't go there.

Didn't see too many fast food places, but there is a Chipotle which we stopped at after a 8pm game.

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Mar 31 10 10:23 AM


We had a problem finding places to eat breakfast. The Hilton wanted $20 a person for their buffet. (Hilton was really not worth it this year...)  We eventually talked the guy at Subway into opening early and the team had breakfast there. It wasnt the best, but there were no alternatives open early enough.    As for food during the day, there is also a few places open in the Bank of America building across from the convention center.

We also could not ever get into Hard Rock or Cheesecake. Eventually ended up getting dinner at Panera. The wharf area was very nice though.  

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Mar 31 10 12:44 PM

Chipotle is really handy for team meals. If you have the iphone app, you can preorder and submit. If you don't old fashion phone or fax make it super easy. They will label the food with the girls' names and will make the items custom. Sometimes I find it easier to order from there and find a nice place for the girls to sit and eat and enjoy the city.

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Mar 31 10 1:28 PM

Most places take reservations...make them well ahead of time (start now?) I recommend Sabatino's in Little Italy (we called ahead and did take out so it would be ready at the hotel when the girls got back from playing) great service, good food/prices!
410 727 9414

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Mar 31 10 2:14 PM

We just stayed at Hampton Inn-Camden Yards and their breakfast was awesome and they served early for the girls.

Pickles Pub and Sliders Bar and Grill are right next door and were good for late night food and watching March Madness.

They also have a Potbelly Sandwich Works on that block and one at the Harbor as well.

California Tortilla looks good but we had it one day and being from Texas it really was a disappointing representation of Tex-Mex.

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