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May 30 09 10:24 AM

By Request, Here it is again.

Congratulations on your 1st place finish last weekend at the Kiva Memorial Day Classic. You are like the energizer bunny - You keep winning, winning and winning. We parents are very proud of each and every one of you. Thanks Dan and Nick for all that you do. Once again, here is that little jingle to commemorate your victory.

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody's on the court, so come on lets thrive
Don't look now, cause KIVA 17 RED
Is gonna ROCK! the house, so put the kids to bed

A little bit of Lexie, she's like a wall
A little bit of Ashley, gets every ball
A little bit of Allie, never fails
A little bit of Melanie, she's tough as nails
A little bit of Desiree's monster block
A little bit of Madison, puttin' down the rock
A little bit of Laura, will make you cry
A little bit of Alex, access denied
A little bit of Lindsey, spreading some cheer
A little bit of Deja, you'd better fear

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