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Feb 24 09 6:09 PM

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JT, Do you think that most coaches will pass on the Dell's showcase to attend qualifiers during the first weekend in March?

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Feb 24 09 8:19 PM

If it looks like a duck

This Dells Showcase looks exactly like a QUALIFIER!!!

3 day Event
Recruiting combine on Thursday night (like the HP tryout)

Amazing how the JVDA bashes this concept and then they do the exact same thing.

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Feb 24 09 10:26 PM

It doesn't look like a qualifier so much as big tournament. I'm not sure the JVDA is opposed to that so much as it opposes several big tournaments that require multiple travel trips in order to qualify for the national championships at the highest level.

As for my opinion on college coaches, I think most will be in Indy, but it's hard to completely ignore the talent that will be in Wisconsin that weekend.

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Mar 4 09 6:41 AM

volleyballwhat wrote:
This Dells Showcase looks exactly like a QUALIFIER!!!

3 day Event
Recruiting combine on Thursday night (like the HP tryout)

Amazing how the JVDA bashes this concept and then they do the exact same thing.

I heard that the USAV was disappointed with the number of JVDA players that tried out for HP, especially at the younger age group where most players are doing it for the first time. So, the USAV wanted to do the HP tryout at a JVDA event to encourage more players to try out. However, that is not something I heard from the USAV - heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend kind of a thing,

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Mar 7 09 2:05 PM

Coaches in attendance

"If you build it they will come"

The list of institutes in attendance in the Dells includes (but in no way is this a complete list0:

Ohio, Dartmouth, Tulsa, Illinois, College of Charleston, Seton Hall, Illinois State, Ball State, Bradley, Michigan State, Iowa, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, UW Milwaukee, UW Madison, Northern Michigan, Colorado State, Northern Colorado, ....

There are many more up here, but being old and feeble, I can't remember as much as I used to.....

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Mar 7 09 9:45 PM

Updated List

Here is the list that have checked in ... many more that did not check in and may have been missed, but it has certainly been very well attended from my perspective. At least 80-90 schools in total.

Air Force Academy
Ball State
Beloit College
Bowling Green
Carthage College
College of Charleston
Ferris State
Florida State
Georgia Tech
Jacksonville State
Miami FL
Miami Ohio
Michigan State
Michigan Tech
Middle Tennessee
Minnesota Crookston
Mississippi St
MSU Bozeman
New Hampshire
North Carolina
North Dakota St
North Texas
Northern Colorado
Northern Illinois
Northern Iowa
Northland College
Regis College
Sacramento St
Seton Hall
South Carolina
South Dakota
South Dakota St
South Florida
SouthEast Louisiana
USC (California)
University of Wisconsin
UW Green Bay
UW Milwaukee
UW Stevens Point
UW Whitewater
William and Mary
Winona St

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Grape Ape

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Mar 7 09 11:15 PM

College Coaches at MEQ

CBS Evening news in Indianapolis last night reported on the MEQ event. They said that 350 college coaches will be in attendance In Indy at the MEQ tournament. While at the tournament, I can't think of any school not represented.

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Mar 8 09 6:35 PM

VB4LYF wrote:
So, University of Alaska Fairbanks was at the MEQ??? lol

Could have been.... it was great to see so much interest. The matches were amazing from 16C - 18O... I know several colleges who had two or more scouts present.

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Mar 8 09 6:54 PM


The answer from my end is "I don't know." I offered at least two people several hundred dollars to cover it, did not hear back officially and then got caught up in what I was doing. If I receive an article in the next day or so, yes. Otherwise, Phil I'm sure will have info in his weekly report.

As an aside, the hardest thing I have to do at Prep is find good, reliable, creative writers. There just aren't a lot of them out there.

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Mar 8 09 7:28 PM

As a parent, you pretty much watch your own dd, but I was able to see a couple key semifinals that went to the wire.

In 18 Open semifinals, MAVA, which was clearly outsized by Fusion, took the first game, then won a second marathon game appx. 34-32, before dropping the next two games. MAVA then turned it around and won the fifth game holding off a Fusion rally to win 15-13. The MAVA girls are incredibly skilled and dive for everything- a friend remarked "if we could get our tall dds to play like these girls..."- Sports Performance then defeated what had to be a sore MAVA team for the championship;

In 17 Open semifinals, Sting jumped out to a two game lead against KIVA by pounding away from the pins and blocking hard, and looked like they were going to finish it in three, before KIVA turned it around and came back to win in five- KIVA went on to defeat Fusion for the championship;

In 16 Open, Sports Performance got stronger as the day went on, dispatching Fusion, Lions15s, and 1st Alliance way too easily.

Last Edited By: groupguy Mar 8 09 7:31 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Mar 9 09 7:22 AM

Congrats 17 KIVA Red

Congrats to KIVA 17 Red for winning The Showcase at Wisconsin Dells. They went 9-0 in matches with very tough competition especially on the final day. 1st Alliance, Milwaukee Sting and Fusion were all formiable opponents.
Congrats again to KIVA 17 Red!

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Mar 9 09 9:26 AM

KIVA 17 Red win at the Showcase

Congrats, RP! Nice win at the Showcase.

We had a tough one at the MEQ yesterday-a rotation error cost us 4 points in our gold quarterfinal match that we ended up losing 25-22!

Already looking forward to the HS season-the Valykries are gonna roll!

Give Ashley a hug!


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Mar 9 09 10:33 AM

Kiva 17 Red

We thought we had Kiva (us being Milwaukee Sting) in Sundays Gold match! Up 2-0, then Nikki Dailey (setter) went down with a broken wrist, and we just did not have enough momentum to finish Kiva off. She will be out 4-6 weeks and after that, we will try another time for the "W". Love playing you guys, your as aggressive if not more than us!

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Mar 9 09 11:48 AM

Milwaukee Sting

Sorry to hear about your setter, hopes she has a quick recovery. The Milwaukee Sting and KIVA matches have always been extremely competitive and I am sure that will continue.
Good Luck the rest of the season!
KIVA 17 Red

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Mar 9 09 6:00 PM

Tired or "out-gunned"

Sports Performance then defeated what had to be a sore MAVA team for the championship;

While fatigue may have been a factor in the final for 18's, let's not forget these two saw each other first thing Friday morning in the power brackets. They were both fresh and SPVB 18-Elite prevailed in 5.

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#19 [url]

Mar 12 09 7:21 AM

shecanjump wrote:
Congratulations to Alexandra Gossen SPVB 16Elite on All-Tournament and 1st place finish.
SPVB 16 Elite played so well in the semi-finals against my daughter's team that my daughter said "the whole all-tournament team should just be the SPVB 16 Elite team"

You guys were awesome. Your setting and hitting has been great all year, but your passing was so, so much better. You were in system almost all the time. And once you guys are in system, watch out. I believe it gave our girls some inspiration to work harder.

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Mar 13 09 7:21 AM

16's bracket

VBFan13 Thanks for kinds words. Your teams talent and passion at their age is amazing and the team is so much fun to watch. All Tournament selection is posted on

Saw a photographer taking pictures of finals, but haven't seen comments or links to any pictures. Not sure if tournament had official photographer.

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